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Boston is facing a school safety crisis!

A fourteen-year-old student was discovered with a loaded gun at the Up Academy.  This is a K-8 grade school which means children as young as five years old are in the same school with a loaded gun.  This is alarming and demands action.     

Boston Parents Are Concerned About Safe Schools For Their Children

  • 2/3 of parents are concerned about school safety

  • 75 % of parents support metal detectors and school police in schools.

  • $31,000 spending per student (Highest in the nation)

Our parents and students deserve safe schools

Boston S.O.S. (Safety of Our Schools) is a local community movement made up of parents, residents, clergy, and community leaders to bring awareness to the serious physical safety issues that are happening in Boston schools.    There is the threat of guns in schools, increased assaultive behavior, and social media challenges that contribute to a school safety crisis and require a more comprehensive strategy of intervention and prevention to provide safe learning environments for our children and youth.   Join us in making our voices heard.

Awareness - Advocacy - Action

Empty School Desks And Chairs
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