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For parents

If BPS has not responded to your request for a school safety intervention you have these options:


1.  File a 51A

Neglect is the failure by a caretaker, either deliberately or through negligence or inability, to provide a child with minimal care. If BPS has not provided your child with minimal care, you can file a 51A against the administrator in charge.  


To file a 51A for negligence you can call 800-792-5200 or go to:

Report child abuse or neglect |

All reports of suspected child abuse or neglect must be phoned in to DCF. Please call immediately if you know of, or suspect, an incident of child abuse or neglect.. During regular business hours (8:45 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F) call the Department of Families and Children (DCF) area office that serves the city or town where the child lives. Nights, weekends, and holidays dial the Child-at-Risk Hotline ...


2.  File a complaint with the state:

If you have asked the school for help with bullying and you do not feel an appropriate  safety plan is in plan you can file a complaint with the state. To file a DESE complaint for bullying

3.  File a civil rights complaint

If you feel your child is being denied a safe learning environment, for you have been denied a response, free from discrimination due to sex, race, religion, disability, or national origin then you can file a civil rights complaint:

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